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Crimson Tears took two years to make - two years of hard donated labor from professional actors, producers, directors, technicians, musicians, composers, writers, editors, marketing experts, camera techs, indeed, everything it takes to make a film tick. Why?

Money, fame and power were the furthest thing from our minds. We had one reason, and one reason alone – THE MESSAGE. Everyone involved in making this film gave freely of their time, talent and resources because THE MESSAGE would not let us walk away. We had to do it. Crimson Tears is so important and the time is so urgent that we couldn't wait for a polished production. That's just the way it is.

Don't look for pretty. Just brace yourself for the truth. It can no longer be ignored. Don't miss one of the only films ever made that will make your heart beat faster and leave you in a stupor of dead silence.


Bill Wingard

Author of Crimson Tears